Femifresh Classic Ultra

Femifresh Classic Ultra


In our constant effort to provide better product every time, we have introduced Femifresh Classic Ultra. They are equipped with ADL acquisition & distribution layer for faster absorption. Even if there is continuously flow you need not worry. You will still feel dry and comfortable. The gel technology offers more absorption during heavy days. Not all days of periods are same. In the starting days, the flow is quite heavy which can make you uncomfortable if your pad is not appropriate. For those days you need a sanitary pad which has high absorption power so that you don't have to change very frequently.

Products features

They are also UV Treated to provide Anti-Bacteria protection. Hygiene and health are the major issues during menstrual cycle. Not matter how cleanliness you maintain, if the pads are not hygienic you can still have health problems. To avoid this, we have designed our pads with anti-bacterial protection to keep you safe and healthy. Their perforated top sheet keeps you dry, clean and smooth throughout the day. That wet feeling during those difficult days may prove to be a hurdle in your progress. We understand and know that nothing should stop you from doing what you want to do. Thus our specially designed menstrual pads keep you clean and dry the whole day.

Product Range

Femifresh Classic Ultra comes with a SAP sheet for fast and high absorption. It also prevents moisture and keep surface dry. The design consists of high quality air laid paper which gives more freshness and softness. Today's women are no less than men and are walking neck to neck with them. We take it as our social responsibility to help women continue the good job 24x7. For this we have designed pads with wings. With these the problem of side staining is evaded as wings provide extra protection and warp the pad securely around the panty.

Product advantages

Women are strong yet sensitive. Our pads are made up of very soft materials that are soft for the skin and prevent any sort of rashes. They are safe and are a perfect choice for sensitive skin. Femifresh Classic Ultra consists of a breathable bottom layer to avoid moisture and heat and keeps you fresh. They have a fresh fragrance that helps prevent the foul odour and keep you feeling fresh. In order to help you fix the pad easily, they have special designed silicon release paper. Each pad is individually wrapped for better hygiene.